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Update – August 2019

The uncertainty regarding the UK Government’s plans for the UK to exit from the EU on October 31st 2019 continues to leave business with unanswered questions.

On an ongoing basis Surechem reviews the latest developments as and when information becomes available, assuming the likelihood of a “No Deal” Brexit.

 A large proportion of our raw materials are produced outside the UK and we are taking steps lessen the impact of any problems which may potentially arise, but it is impossible to predict how supply chains may be effected.

 Our suppliers are also closely reviewing the Brexit negotiations on an ongoing basis. When it becomes clearer how any Brexit driven chemical regulatory changes for the import and export of raw materials, intermediates and products, may occur for the UK and Ireland, we believe our suppliers will be in a position to take any necessary action to stop supply chain disruption. However, there may be some affect in delivery and pricing.

 As a precautionary measure Surechem does recommend that if you haven’t already, you review your own plans for a “No Deal” exit and we suggest you look at stocks levels possibly placing additional orders well ahead of the transition date to avoid any production disruption. This will also allow us to help lessen any impact Brexit may have.